ART OF ASSOCIATION. Modern Polish Posters.

The Polish Museum of America in Chicago
presents Art of Association: Modern Polish Posters.

An exhibition of world-renowned, original Polish posters by faculty and students from the Szczecin Academy of Arts, Poland. The show features 70 intriguing, colorful works by 22 talented artists and provides a rare opportunity to see previously unavailable images that will startle, amaze and stimulate both the mind and emotions.

It will include works by famed artists. Prof. Lex Drewinski – living in Potsdam near Berlin and an icon of international design - has won over 100 awards. Prof. Leszek Żebrowski belongs to the elite of Polish poster designers and is associated with notable workshop experiments. Prof. Grzegorz Marszałek is considered one of the most talented students of the legendary Waldemar Swierzy of the Polish School of Posters. He is a great portraitist, satirist and has collaborated for many years with Playboy magazine.

Other participating artists include: Andrzej Tomczak, Ireneusz Kuriata, Witold Gawłowicz, Andreas Guskos, Robert Knuth, Kamil Mirocha, Paweł Sieradzki, Adam Klasa, Karolina Gładkiewicz, Beata Rolak, Sarah Wiśniewska, Dominik Murach, Magda Kanty, Krzysztof Fabiniak, Anna Sukiennicka, Marta Czajczyńska, Paulina Majchrowicz, Marta Jaguś and Andrzej Witkowski.

This exhibition will be on display from April 13 to May 6, 2012.

Lex Drewinski

                 Grzegorz Marszalek                   
                                                                                                            Irek Kuriata

 Lex Drewinski

                                                                                                           Magda Kanty

                                               Beata Rolak

                                                 Marta Jagus

                                     Andrzej Witkowski

                                      Anna Sukiennicka

                                               Adam Klasa

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